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The Division of Sciences and Arts for Design has top-notch facilities for teaching, research and for cultural activities.

Workshops and Architecture Labs: Analysis and Acoustic Design, Lightweight structures, Architectural and Structural Models.

Workshops and Graphic Communication Design Labs: 2D and 3D Animation, Aerography, Color, Human Figure Drawing, Eye Tracking, Photography, Engraving, Offset, Preprint, Radio, Serigraphy, Interactive systems, Typography, and Television.

Workshops and Industrial Design Labs: Finishes, CAD-CAM, Ceramics, Ergonomics, Wood, 3D Materialization, Metalwork, Plastics, and Glass.

Spaces for the generation of knowledge and research: Gessell Chamber, Landscape architecture, Bioclimatic architecture, Lifecycle analysis, Materials Library, Sustainable Habitat, Urban interface, and cultural landscape, Development and Innovation, Urban form, Intermediate creation, Leisure activities observatory.
The Design building has more than 50 classrooms for the exclusive use of our programs, equipped with furniture suitable for meeting their needs: Drafting tables, video projectors, sound system, computers (PC and Mac), Internet, etcetera. Additionally, each room has display cases in which school projects, professional works, and works of art are exhibited. In the common areas, students develop their projects in a space that enables collaboration, where they can also enjoy performances, fashion shows, conferences, and several artistic and cultural presentations.
The building also has open areas with more than 1,500 trees of different varieties where students can clear their minds and breathe fresh air.
If you like sports, the Azcapotzalco campus has facilities where you can practice soccer (association football and indoor soccer), volleyball, basketball, taekwondo, and weight lifting, among other sports.