An open space

“The idea of ​​community goes through the impulse to the different”

Studying design in the university is synonym of creativity. This finds its concretion in different inclusive practices and in the sense of community; this is our Division.

Apart from being respectful and tolerant, the idea of community is characterized by fostering originality and difference. The institution educates by example. In the different academic practices an alternative character is encouraged that is reflected in the sensitivity to address problems with originality and liberty.

The open, transparent and well-lit spaces, the internal and external squares, the hallways and corridors, the staircase, the double and triple height of the common spaces convey to users an open-air atmosphere, perfect for experimentation.

And thus permit the play and the free flow of ideas without labels, brands, ideologies or beliefs that prejudge, inhibit or hinder personal characters. Difference enriches and nourishes us; plurality and the respect for it (and even its promotion) is the distinctive characteristic of this space for higher education in Design, our space: A House Open to Time.


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