Our destiny is never a place,

Henry Miller


Being part of a student exchange program provides a great academic experience not only for enabling students to recognize other ways of learning about design, but also because of the possibility of facing important changes in your everyday life. It implies the introduction to new ways of eating, speaking, making relationships and building new roles in new groups. Maybe this cultural part is the most difficult one to deal with. Nevertheless, we want you to know that this experience will enable you to increase your social knowledge, which will be especially important in your personal and professional life.


You will have a greater self-confidence and you will make better decisions. There will be issues to solve and this will give you new tools. You will have to be open to know other customs. This type of experience will not only strengthen your character but will also stimulate your curiosity and creativity. You will have incredible memories of the places, experiences and people that you will have new links with.

All this takes place within an institutional framework that supports and accompanies you, this allows you to have a great social and academic experience.